Headliner Above The Head Inside The Car…

By | June 21, 2019

Car is a creation which has tremendous materials inside it, technical and mechanical stuff, parts, spare parts, sub parts all are combined together to make a car work. Before mentioned things are all parts of the car but there are certain things which are there and are involved in making the car but are usually not known same is the case with the headliner which is above the head of the car owner (when he/she is inside the car) Yes for those who are unaware of this word headliner fellas! The material which is used to make the (inside roof) of the car. This is not just related to the car roof only, yacht and other vehicles. Most of us must be thinking what the difference between normal material and a headliner is. A headliner is something which is backed by the foam (nonwoven). If somebody wants to understand the texture the difference between the normal material and a roof headliner. One has to touch the roof of the car from inside (it feels like a foam from inside).

Polyurethane is a thin foam which is considered suitable for the making of upholstery items (usually related to cars and interior of the cars), sew foam is another name of the same. Certainly charges are high for the headliner of the car usually the sedan model of the car requires approx. $170 for SUV it costs approx. $340. There are certain ways to clean the headliner too; this is the market of 21st century where things are there just need to buy the right brand and product. Supposedly, headliner is considered as something foamy and usually people leave it dirty (because it will stay wet which will create bad smell of cluttered water inside the car). But the cleaner of the headliner can solve the purpose, one just needs to apply the correct brand and rub the headliner accordingly with soft hand. Moreover there are some homemade philosophies to clean the headliner inside the car (which applies on the cheap upholstery foam too) one needs to mix some normal detergent and water (make a soapy stuff in a normal bowl) apply and rub is gently on the headliner with a piece of towel, try not to use a colored towel as there is a chance of bleating. Headliner can be easily cleaned by a gentle rub, there is no texture as such inside the headliner hence can be handled with a gentle rub.

Next time when you sit inside the car, watch above your head and touch it (in order to check the stuff and understand the mantra of cleaning of headliner, it’s related to interior of the car hence it is even more important).