How To Promote A Clean School Environment

By | January 31, 2019

Making your school clean at all times can be quite an overwhelming job. It makes you somehow accountable for the safety and wellness of all the students and employees. That is why it is important that you create a system or a set of house rules that must be strictly  implemented in order to prevent the spread of flu and colds that can greatly affect student performance and their attendance. 

Hire a cleaning staff

Maintaining the entire school compound is not an easy job. You will need to hire proper school cleaning jobs in your area to ensure that all classrooms, restrooms and even the cafeteria is well maintained at all times.

Hand washing is a must

Students and staff must understand the importance of hand washing before and after meals, after using the public restroom to avoid contamination. Make sure that there are hand soaps that are readily available in every bathroom sinks. If your school has extra funds then you can also order gallons of hand sanitizers and place them on several dispensers so everyone in the school will start getting conscious about getting clean hands.

Encourage students to get involved

It is also a good idea to teach students on how to be responsible for their own environment. You can divide them into big groups and give them schedules and designated tasks that include window cleaning Caloundra, floor sweeping, mopping and other simple tasks.Doing chores teaches kids to be more responsible when it comes to their environment. It also promotes discipline and good values.

Practice waste segregation

Segregating your trash is one of the most basic things that we can implement in our school campus. Label each trash bin accordingly. There should be a separate bin for food waste and scraps. Plastic bottles, soda cans and other plastic food packaging should be brought to the recycling facility. This is one way for us to reduce environmental waste. You can also encourage the cafeteria manager to prevent using disposable food containers and plastic utensils because it contributes a lot of waste material.

Use good quality cleaning agents