Learning About Little Known Secrets Of Wonton

By | August 30, 2018

Jiaozi or wonton is a favourite food item eaten all over china and favoured world over as well. It is known to be over 1400 years old. In some parts of china it is a staple food consumed nearly every day, while in some parts it is eaten during special occasions. While you too may have seen and tasted this food, you might not have given any thoughts to its origins. Let’s find out how this tasty food came to be what it is today.

Historical origins
There are many stories associated with Chinese dumplings in Melbourne but the most popular is the fact that this staple food item was invented by a healer known as Zhang Zhongjing, who used them to treat his patients suffering by frostbitten ears and other maladies. In those days, most common citizens in china had no way to keep themselves warm during winter resulting in frostbite injuries. History states that he used many herbs, peppers, chillies and lamb wrapped in a small casing made out of dough, which were boiled and served to his patients.

In traditional practice
Though in many parts of the country, this food is consumed as a staple all year round, there are many parts of the country and the world that use this dish to celebrate special occasions such as New Year, they are also considered very auspicious. Wantons also represent happiness, joy and celebration therefore they are used widely in Chinese celebrations as well.


Different types
Dumplings are not all the same. Over the years they have been developed to include various tastes, ingredients and shapes as well. They also differ sometimes based on the way they are cooked. The common variety is boiled, you will also find some that are steamed and fried as well. To identify the different varieties the dumplings have come to have different shapes as well. However if you are really looking to experience authentic tastes then you have to find the best Chinese restaurant in Melbourne around or visit China.

The stuffing
The rounded dumpling is said to be made to resemble a small coin usually given for good luck. Including a coin is still practiced during holidays such as the spring festival. The rounded pouches are stuffed with meats, veggies and any other savoury items you may like as there is no real limit to what you can include. The filling can also be used to signify certain things you want to celebrate. For an example, beef included as a filling is said to signify growth while cabbage filling is used to wish good luck and prosperity for years to come.