Temporary Exhibition Walls

By | January 8, 2019

Showoff is cheesy, bragging is unbearable and what about exhibition? Have we ever thought this way? When an individual brags, show offs or exhibit, he/she is considered as annoying and wanna be! But what about the real exhibition. Friends! This world is actually about showing off, showing off has nothing to do with negativity and it’s nothing negative in showing off, until and unless it is done for the sake of belittling someone. In simple words, exhibition means to spread the words about the talent, if he or she is talented they must exhibit it in a positive way, or in a way which could add value to the society wellbeing. Classical example of exhibition tablecloths is art, belief it or not? Nobody can make people admit about his/her talent unless he/she exhibit. This has become a business, people rent paintings for exhibitions, rent agents for exhibitions and places to conduct an exhibition.

Imagine a place which could be suitable for conducting an exhibition? A place with more walls outside and inside, even in the middle of the hall there should be some walls? This is going too far right? But is it correct to consider a place full of walls; best for conducting the exhibition? Yes it is correct, actually in real there is no such place with walls inside the hall. Now science has advanced so much that one can actually exhibit on temporary walls which are especially designed for the same purpose there are some common types available:

Art display wall: in size this creation is shorter than the gallery walling, fantastic place to display art and simple ideal for halls with lower ceiling heights. Approx. measurement of these walls are 2.04 tall x 920 mm wide, comes in variety of sizes and specifications.

Curved wall: there are certain displays which require some curves like UHD LED TV are in the market in order to provide a complete surrounded view. Same is the case with art displays, there are certain paintings and creativity which requires a U view or a surrounded view. Curved walls are meant for this purpose. Comes in different sizes and specifications.

Black exhibition wall: when we talk about exhibition the first thing comes in our minds is painting and artwork, and in artwork color plays a vital role by all means. Usually the artist prefer a white background in order to show the creativity. But again there are some colors which requires black background in order to get what it takes. Usually ideal for photography and monochrome art.

Wipe wall:  we all have used this well, there are certain presentations which requires elaboration and process explanations, wipe walls solves the purpose for such events. Wipe and re write on the same wall explain it all in the same way.

The list may go on and on, but the above mentioned are some really common temporary exhibition walls which are easy to handle and so light weight that only two men can pick it up and situate wherever required.