Types Of Materials For Outdoor Steps Tread

By | June 3, 2019

The stairs tread are made as per their functionality and frequency of use. In case if the stairs are in open environment then outdoor step treads are particularly designed in a way for long lasting durability and bearing the pay load. The outdoor step treads can be made with multiple materials. Each is selected as per the aesthetic and usage of steps.

Following are the some popular types of stair treads.

Concrete Stairs/Step Tread- These is the widespread type of tread in use. These are very durable and good appearance. They have very little maintenance and can bear any weather change. Variability in design is also very high. They can be made in round, square or rectangular shapes. Different finishes and decoration can also be given to these tread as per desire.

Metallic Stairs/Step Tread- Metal is the ideal contender for outside staircases. They can handle extreme temperature and humid environment. In metal, aluminum and steel are primarily use for making the stairs. As these both metals are flexible, so designs and shape of steps tread as limitless. Metal step treads hardly needs any maintenance and they can serve their life even without it. This makes them perfect choice for industrial use and for the extreme environments. Other advantage associated with metal tread, they can be waxed or painted as per own choice. These paints also help to elongate the life of stairs. Advantage with metallic stairs is that they can be built in factory as one unit and same unit can be fitted at chosen location. This saves manufacturing time and labor also but metals are commonly expensive than other materials like concrete and stone

Stone Stairs/Step tread – Stone is said to be the oldest material used in making outdoor stairs or steps. Stones come in different color and designs but sometime shapes are limited due to scarce availability of specific stones. Still today stones are always the first choice to be installed on pave ways and gardens. Skilled craftsmanship is required for cutting the stones in required sizes and design. But once installed these can even be used for centuries. We can still find stone stair in ancient buildings which lasted more than centuries. This advocates the durability of stone staircase and step treads

Wooden Stairs/Step tread- Wooden step tread undoubtedly is top runner for making stairs due to the wide range of variety. Different types of wood have different color and appearance which gives uniqueness to the staircase but for outdoor staircase wood cannot be a first choice. In comparison with stone and metal wooden stairs need high maintenance, with time wood can lost its color and texture if not taken care properly. In outdoor, wood can also get effect by extreme temperature and humidity which worn out the wooden stairs. Even heavy rain can affect the durability of wooden stair cases. But esthetically wooden stairs or stead always stand out in comparison of all other materials.

Hence, any material can be used to make outdoor stair tread considering their characteristics and utility