What Are Pros And Cons Of Being A Solicitor?

By | July 15, 2020

The solicitors may seem very reasonable of profession but in the research in the USA it was ranked as the 5th most disliked profession. There is no doubt that you will find solicitors who are very successful and are making good amount of money but there are always two side of the story and before you jump in to any profession it is important that you not only see the pros but also the cons of it and then decide whether it is right for you or not.


Variety of the domain:

The solicitors have a range of possibility in their fields, they could choose whatever kind of the lawyer they want to become, either they want to be invested in the criminology, family laws, real estate laws, corporate laws or any other. The lawyer could even choose to work in the sector of his choice that is either public or private.

You can be your own boss:

Just like many other professions, being a lawyer you could open your own law firms and could take whatever cases you like and could work them with the flexibly that you have designed for yourself. You could even hire more solicitors in Sydney and could give them the cases that come to your firm or you could take the cases by yourself.

The earning is good:

If income is considered, then the solicitors are paid very well but the solicitors get their gradually. As their experience increases their pay also increases therefore, you have to be in this profession for some time unless you gain some reputation and experience in order to make good earnings.

Intellectually beneficial:

In this profession, the solicitors are always challenged with the new cases and new problems to solve, it is very good practice for their brains and it keeps on increasing their knowledge every day.


Stressful job:

The job is very much stressful and in some fields there are not only pressure from the clients but there are opponent clients which are high in power and rank and they try to threat and discourage the solicitors. This is the major reason why a solicitor usually never recommends anyone to become a solicitor.

Long and tiring work hours:

The court gives a specific time to the solicitors and in this specific time the solicitors need to build the case and find the evidences, witnesses and all other things to prove their point and win the case, therefore they usually have to work long hours and also have to work on weekends and in holidays.

Costly education:

The law school usually is very expensive around the world and there are less scholarships awarded in this field as well.